• Virginia Regional Ballet has brought dance into our lives through the passion and drive of our son, Calvin, and the dedicated and talented faculty of VRB. What began as a chance has expanded into a community and experience our whole family cherishes. Thank you Heidi, Adelle, Mr. Bob, Cathy, William, Noel and so many others who make the VRB family so meaningful and delightful.

    Priscilla and Greg

  • We have selected VRB for the quality of instruction and care and dedication of the faculty. VRB has become a second home and family to our family. We highly recommend it to anyone seeking a dance experience at any level.

    Sara B.

  • The Virginia Regional Ballet provides a solid dance foundation for all dancers and offers myriad opportunities for self expression through the variety of dance genres and performance opportunities. We love it and hope you do too!


  • I love dance because it makes me feel free and happy.

    Alice E. Age 9

  • I love dance because it's a great source of exercise and a great way to express yourself through music. I love VRB because all of the teachers and other dancers are very nice. I also like Bruno!!

    Simone B. Age 10

  • I love dance because I love to perform and work hard towards a goal. I love VRB because the studio is so welcoming and nice, and the instruction is professional.

    Amanda T. Age 15

  • I love dance because I love the teachers. I love VRB because all of may friends are here, so I can see my friends every day.

    Margaret L. Age 13

  • I love dance because after leaving my classes, I feel more confident, even when it's been a bad day. I love VRB because everyone who dances here is part of our "family."

    Reese D. Age 11