Alice in Wonderland Cast List

Act One

The ballet opens with Alice sitting under an oak tree. Alice’s sister is reading a book which Alice peers into once or twice, but it has no pictures and Alice soon grows drowsy in the warm sunshine. She is startled as a White Rabbit runs close to her. He seems late for a very important appointment, so Alice decides to follow him. Before she knows what is happening, she is falling down the rabbit hole, and finds herself in a most unusual forest. She soon experiences a host of funny, touching and memorable characters but becomes confused and frightened in the Garden of Flowers. The return of Tweedledee and Tweedledum delights Alice and, joined by various animals, they joyously dance, bringing act one to a close.

Scene One- Alice’s Lesson

Alice —- Alice Edquest

Understudy—–London Enscore

Alice’s Sister—-TBD Emily B ?

Butterflies-—Kylie Springs, Alaina Rivera

Understudy: Adelyn Kaczmarczyk

Flowers—-Michaela Moye, London Enscore, Eliza Gardner, Anna Orginou

Understudy: Carmen Ramiro

White Rabbit—-guest artist

Scene Two– A Caucus Race

Margaret Anderson-Cumber, Adelyn Kaczmarczyk, Leila McClelland, Taryn Farr, Sophia Aliff

Scene Three-Chickens

Chickens —-Kylie Springs, Eliza Gardner, Michaela Moye, Carmen Ramiro

Understudy: London Enscore

Scene Three-Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

TweedleDee—-Ainsley Carpenter

TweedleDum—–Claire Pittman

Scene Four: The Lobster Quadrille

Lobsters ….Alaina Rivera, Taryn Farr, Margaret Anderson-Cumber, Adelyn Kaczmarczyk

Understudy: Leila Mc Clelland

Scene Five: Pig and Pepper

Duchess—–William Walker

Cook-—Anna Origiou

Cheshire Cat—-Carmen Rivera

Scene Six: Advice from a Caterpillar



Scene Seven: The Mock Turtle’s Tale



Scene Eight: Squirrel & Frog



Scene Nine: Rose Garden

Little Roses …..Sofia Gucanac, Gracie Hart, Elizabeth Betzner, Natalie Hyde, Layla Wilkey, Rosalie Enscore, Emmy Jane Edquest, Gracelyn Carlton, Amanda Murphie, Grace Harris

Rose Pas: TBD…

Scene Ten: Winds from the Crow

Butterflies-—Michaela Moye, London Enscore, Eliza Gardner, Kylie Springs

Crow—-William Walker?

Scene Eleven:

White Rabbit—Guest Artist

Alice—– Alice Edquest

Scene Twelve: Crowning Alice

White Queen—-Anna Originou

Understudy: Eliza Gardner

Red Queen—Kylie Springs

Understudy: Eliza Gardner

Alice—-Alice Edquest

Scene Thirteen The Tea Party

Mad Hatter—-Ainsley Carpenter

March Hare—-Claire Pittman

Door Mouse—-Sofia Gucanac

Understudy: Elizabeth Betzner

Scene Thirteen: Flower Garden

Lead Flower—London Enscore

Flowers—-Carmen Ramiro, Kylie Springs, Anna Originou, Eliza Gardner, Michaela Moye, Adelyn Kaczmarczyk

Understudy: Alaina Rivera

Wood Elves—-Sebastian Enscore, Grayson Enscore, Sean Miller, Ila Rempfer, Faith Harris,

Little Fairies—-Zoey McClelland, Sophia Barbosa, Charlotte Howell, Grace Harris, Rosalie Enscore, Layla Wilkey, Elizabeth Betzner, Gracie Hart, Natalie Hyde


Act 2

The second act opens with the setting of the Queen’s croquet-ground where various Birds, Flowers and Fountains dance. The Playing Cards enter and start painting the white roses red. Soon the terrifying Queen of Hearts and her King appear. The Queen invites Alice to play a very strange game of croquet. As the game progresses, the Queen becomes bored with Alice and screams, “Off with her head!” When it looks as though there is just no way for Alice to escape and that she is sure to be beheaded, Alice is awakened by her sister and finds that she is back under the oak tree and that this has been a very remarkable dream.

Fountains—Eliza Gardner, Michaela Moye, London Enscore, Anna Originou, Kylie Springs


Red Bird—Ainsley Carpenter

Blue Bird—Claire Pittman

White Rabbit—-Guest Artist

Cheshire Cat—-Carmen Rivera

Cards—London Enscore, Anna Orginou, Michaela Moye,  Alaina Rivera, Adelyn Kaczmarczyk, Eliza Gardner, Kylie Springs, Leila McClelland, Margaret Cumber,

Sophia Aliff, Taryn Farr, Amanda Murphy, Emmy Jane Edquest, Gracelyn Carlton

Understudy: Rosalie Enscore

Jesters—Sean Miller, Elizabeth Betzner, Gracie Hart

Queen—-William Walker


Alice—-Alice Edquest

White Rabbit—Guest Artist

Cheshire Cat—Carmen Ramiro

Alice’s Sister

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