June Show 2021

ALL ABOUT Virginia Regional Ballet Academy’s JUNE SHOW – 2021

Printable copy of the Picture Day Order Form available HERE.

Printable copy of this packet available HERE.

Printable June Show Order Forms available HERE

Performances will be Sunday, June 13th at 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm!

The performance will begin promptly. There will be no intermission. Dancers should arrive 1 hour prior to performance time. Dancers should arrive with hair and make up complete. Upon arrival all dancers should take all costumes to their assigned dressing room. One parent may accompany their dancer to assist in dressing and promptly leave. Level 2A & Up dancers will have a warm-up class at 11am at the theatre. The program order for each performance is listed below. We kindly request that you do not “reserve” seats in the auditorium when you bring your dancer to the theatre before the performance to get ready. Ushers will assist in finding seats fitted to your party’s size. Proper social distancing will be applied between parties.

Classical Variations Adv Pointe (York)
Adv Jazz (Wmbg)
Ballet 2B (Wmbg)
Jazz 1/1A (Wmbg)
Pre-Ballet (Wmbg)
Lyrical/Modern 1 (Wmbg)
Adv Tap (Wmbg)
Ballet 1A (Wmbg)
Ballet 1 (Wmbg)
Ballet 2A (Wmbg)
Tap 2/3 (Wmbg & York)
Jazz 2 (Wmbg)
Thurs Character (Wmbg)
Tap/Jazz Combo (Wmbg)
Tap 1/1A (Wmbg)
Beg. Contemporary (Wmbg)
Ainsley Senior Solo
Friday Character (Wmbg)
Adv Ballet -Flat (York)
Contemporary (Wmbg)
Ballet 2B (York)
Pre-Ballet (York)
Ballet 3/4 (Wmbg)
Jazz 1/1A (Wmbg)
Friday Character (Wmbg)
Adv Jazz (York)
Tap 2/3 (Wmbg & York)
Ainsley Senior Solo
Tap 1/1A (Wmbg)
Jazz 2/3 (York)
Adv Tap (Wmbg)
Ballet 1A (Wmbg)
Lyrical/Modern 1 (York)
Sklar Senior Solo
Tap/Jazz Combo (York)
Adv Pointe (York)
Character (York)
Adv Pointe (York)
Lyrical/Modern 1 (York)
Ballet 1 (York)
Adv Tap (Wmbg)
Ballet 3 (York)
Ballet 2B (York)
Ainsley Senior Solo
Skylar Senior Solo
Tap 2/3 (Wmb & York)
Adv Jazz (York)
Ballet 2A (York)
Adult Tap (York)
Jazz 2/3 (York)
Jazz 1 (York)
Ballet 3/4 (Wmbg)
Lyrical/Modern 2 (York)
Classical Variations Adv Pointe (York)
Character (York)

Audience Notes

At this time, the hotel is requesting that masks be worn and social distancing be adhered to the entire time you are inside the building.

EACH FAMILY MUST sign up on SignUpGenius.com for one of the many volunteer positions!


Each class needs a backstage mom. Backstage mom duties include: sitting with the class in the designated waiting area, making sure dancers are properly costumed, getting dancers on and off the stage, and releasing each dancer to her/his parent at the specified time. You must be available for dress rehearsal. If you are interested in taking on this very important job, please sign up on SignUpGenius.com. If your child is in more than one dance, let the quick change parent change her costume. It is very distracting for parents to keep entering and exiting the auditorium, and there is just not enough room in the dressing rooms for each child to have her/his parent backstage.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteer opportunities include: Backstage Parent (Dress rehearsal and Performance), Auditorium set-up (day of dress rehearsal), Ushers, Lobby flower, t-shirt, DVD sales, and Auditorium/Dressing room clean up. Please sign up on sign-up genius.

ALL Costume and June Show PAYMENTS ARE NOW DUE! Please remit payment online, or in the Williamsburg mail slot or Yorktown tuition box. All fees, including June tuition, must be paid to perform in the June Show! If you have any questions about your totals, please email VRB at adelle@dancevrb.com.

Tickets and t-shirts must be pre-ordered by June 5th and will be distributed on Picture Day (June 5th).

TICKETS – Tickets must be pre-ordered and paid for in full.

Tickets will be distributed to you on Picture Day. All tickets may be purchased for $10 each. Tickets are available at the studio ONLY. To purchase tickets at the studio, complete the ticket form and drop it in the mail slot or tuition drop box along with payment (cash or check payable to Virginia Regional Ballet). Pre-ordered tickets will be available for pickup during Picture Day. Order forms are available at the studio. Children attending (and not performing in) the June Show must have a ticket unless they are able to sit in a ticket-holder’s lap (3 years old and under only). The tickets largely contribute to the cost of renting the theaters. There is limited seating. Due to CDC guidelines at the this time, audiences are at 50% capacity and must still maintain social distancing. This year, performances have been divided into 45-60 minute performances with no intermissions. Tickets must be purchased for each show you plan to attend. Please stay for the entire show. The last group deserves as big an audience as the first group.

PICTURE DAY – Savand Action Photography

Saturday, June 5th, 2020 from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Williamsburg Studio

Save the date! Group and individual portraits will be taken ONLY on Saturday, June 5th! The picture day schedule is listed below. Dancers should arrive 10 minutes prior to class time with make up and hair fully complete. All costumes will be in the small studio upon arrival and should be left at the studio after pictures. Even if you are not planning to order individual portraits of your dancer, please attend picture day so that your dancer will be included in the group photo. Please let VRB know if your dancer will not be able to be present for her/his class photo(s).

1:00pmJazz 1/1A Williamsburg
1:15pmTap/Jazz ComboWilliamsburg
1:30pmTap 1/1AWilliamsburg
2:00pmBallet 1Williamsburg
2:15pmBallet 1AWilliamsburg
2:20pmBallet 1AYorktown
2:30pmBallet 2BYorktown
2:40pmBallet 2BWilliamsburg
2:50pmBallet 2AWilliamsburg
3:05pmJazz 2Williamsburg
3:10pmBeg ContemporaryWilliamsburg
3:20pmTap 2/3Wmbg & York
3:35pmLyrical/Modern 1Williamsburg
3:45pmBallet 2AYorktown
4:00pmBeg. Character (Thurs)Williamsburg
4:10pmBeg Character (Fri)Williamsburg
4:20pmBeg Character (Tues)Yorktown
4:30pmInt/Adv TapWilliamsburg
4:35pmLyrical/Modern 2Yorktown
4:45pmBallet 3/4Williamsburg
5:00pmBallet 3/4Yorktown
5:15-5:30pmLyrical/Modern 1Yorktown
5:30pmJazz 2/3Yorktown
5:45pmJazz 1 Yorktown
5:55pmTap/Jazz ComboYorktown
6:20pmBallet 1Yorktown
6:35pmAdv JazzWilliamsburg
6:45pmAdv BalletYorktown


  • Please label all shoes (on the inside sole) and accessories. Costumes will be grouped by class and labeled with individual accessories attached. Please return costumes to the appropriate rack before leaving.
  • Please do not bring “big” dance bags to the theatre. There simply is not enough floor space.
  • Rental costumes must be left at the theatre after the shows.
  • Reminder: NO eating or drinking in costume!


Saturday, June 12th Dress Rehearsal at Double Tree by Hilton *50 Kingsmill Rd* Williamsburg 23185

June 12th at Double Tree Hilton Auditorium

  • Warm-up Dancers are responsible for their own warm-up and may arrive one hour prior to dress rehearsal times.
  • All Dancers All dancers must be in the building 30 minutes prior to rehearsal time.
  • 1:00pm Show 12pm-1:30pm Full Dress Rehearsal
  • 3:00pm Show 2:00-3:30pm Dress Rehearsal (Repeat classes from 1pm show are excused, unless otherwise specified by instructor.)
  • 5:00pm Show 4:00-5:30pm Dress Rehearsal (Repeat classes from 3pm show are excused, unless otherwise specified by instructor)

Professional Photos Will be taken during dress rehearsal for purchase.

Dress Rehearsal will begin promptly at the designated times in full costume and make-up. We will run the show in order. Please report to your dressing room mother in the auditorium. You will find your class name on a row in the auditorium. We will practice the backstage line-up, and entering and exiting the stage. Please, no eating or drinking in auditorium.

Parents, you are to wait for your child in the auditorium. Please, NO DROP OFFS! This is a good time to take pictures and/or videos of your child (No flash please!). Both will be prohibited during the performances. After each class has rehearsed on the stage, the class mom will escort the dancers, as a group, to the back of the auditorium. Please hang your dancer’s costumes on the designated costume racks; dancers must leave their costumes, accessories and shows at the theatre between dress rehearsal and the show. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO WEAR HIS/HER COSTUME OUTSIDE OF THE THEATRE! Please check with your class mom before leaving; she may have notes from your dancer’s teacher.

Backstage Notes

DANCERS AND CLASS PARENTS ONLY! Dads: We ask that you stay out of the dressing rooms completely. (We are not trying to be discriminatory but your presence sometimes makes the girls a little uneasy when they are changing. There are a lot of other volunteer opportunities for you!)

The current rule in the hotel is that dancers must wear their masks backstage. Dancers WILL NOT be wearing masks while performing UNLESS the dancer’s parent has required it.

Cast & Pool Party

In respect for your family time, there will not be a cast party. Instead, we will have a pool party and cook out at the Williamsburg Community Pool adjacent to the Williamsburg studio on Tuesday, June 15th from 6:00PM – 8:00PM *NEW TIME (TENTATIVELY). More information will be posted and emailed about the pool party.

Last Day of Regular Classes – Saturday, JUNE 12th

Classes may be combined. Please ask your instructor.

2020/2021 Class Schedule:

Fall class placements and schedules will be emailed as soon as they become available.