• Dance Stars Sessions

    1 Session of 

     Dance Stars

    is $100 a session


  • Dance Stars Information

    you may register 

    for Dance Stars 

    listed under the 

    Classes tab

    Classes & Registration

    Scroll down the menu

    and select 

    Dance Stars Adaptive



  • What can I expect?

    What will I see at the Yorktown Studio?SocialStory-Yktn

    What will I see at the Williamsburg Studio?SocialStory-Wmb

    Dance Stars Adaptive Dance is our newest program. We are so excited to ‘step’ into this new class. Here at VRB our instructors have trained, mentored by the Boston Ballet; to teach this series. 

    Our goal is to provide the gift of dance to children of all abilities. We love to make dance and movement accessible and engaging. By designing our classes to offer mentoring students and adult support, we will use techniques and activities that engage all learning styles.